Here are the signs you need to call our team for heating repair this winter

How often do you worry about your heater and staying warm during the summer months? Unfortunately, warmth isn’t really a concern during the warmer seasons, which means that most homeowners don’t worry about their system until the cold has set in. Well, the winter is upon us, and while it may be the most inconvenient time for a heating repair, it is still necessary to work with a company that can fix a heater breakdown quickly.

Thankfully, by providing 24-hour emergency service, our team is there for you when you need us most. However, knowing when you need to call is critical. Therefore, pay attention to the following six signs of a heater breakdown.

The 6 signs of an impending heater breakdown

1. Short cycling

The first thing you should look for is signs of short-cycling, which occurs when the system repeatedly cycles on and off without reaching the preset temperature. There are several possible reasons for this problem, and they range from simple to complex fixes. For example, the problem could be related to a bad sensor or a dirty filter.

2. Low heat levels

When a furnace is blowing cold air in heat mode, it is easy to recognize that something is off. However, there are times when the air blowing out of your vents is warm but not as warm as it should be. If this isn’t dealt with, then your heating bills will skyrocket as the furnace works harder to heat your space.

3. Noises

Another problem to listen for is strange noises. While a heater is bound to have regular sounds that happen at the start and stop of every cycle, it is necessary to note any sounds that are out of the norm. For example, you may hear rattling, banging, buzzing, humming, or groaning, which can all indicate a more significant problem.

4. Poor airflow

Have you noticed that the air flowing out of your vents is not as strong as it typically is? Do you see a difference in the airflow’s temperature? If you have not noticed a change in temperature but have noticed a change in the intensity of the blowing, then it is possible you have a blockage somewhere in the system.

5. Failure to start

Does your furnace start when it is supposed to? Do you have to turn the system on and off to reset it and get it to work? If your furnace is not starting like it is supposed to, then that could be a sign of a severe problem. For example, it could signify a gas leak, faulty ignition, or other similar threat.

6. Icing Over

Last, if your heating and cooling system is located outside, then it is possible you have occasionally noticed a buildup of ice. Some ice is not a problem because most outdoor units have a built-in defroster. Unfortunately, if this safety measure fails, then it can cause your heater to shut down, which means you are left without heat.

No one should be without heat in the winter. If you are experiencing problems with your furnace, then contact us at Dufrene’s Heating & Cooling for 24/7 service.