As the summer gets closer and closer here in South Louisiana, it’s important for local homeowners here in Lockport, LaPlace, and St. Rose to keep their eyes peeled for common AC problems that could cause a breakdown or negatively impact their home’s energy-efficiency. Knowing what AC issues could be lurking is the best way to identify them early and get them fixed.

Call in the professionals at Dufrene’s Heating & Cooling to have our techs either inspect your system before summer or—if you’re already having cooling issues with your air conditioner—repair your system during the hottest months of the year.

Here are some of the most common AC problems here in South Louisiana.4 COMMON AC PROBLEMS AND HOW TO FIX THEM


Sometimes the cause of a poorly working AC is a dirty air filter. Although a simple part, it makes a huge difference in the performance of your air conditioner. The signs that it’s time to replace the filter include a reduced airflow, airborne contaminants entering your home, and a higher utility bill.

Check the filter monthly and change it about every three months, more often if you have any of the following:

  • Pets
  • Young children
  • Allergies
  • A large home
  • Poor outdoor air quality

A clogged air filter can also lead to clogged air ducts, so make sure those are professionally cleaned and sealed to improve airflow and quality as well.


Drain lines, coils, and condensers also need to be cleared in order to work properly. Remove debris from the outside unit and keep the area clear. When it comes to the interior of the air conditioner condenser, have one of our technicians do the cleaning work. Opening your own air conditioner could void your manufacturer’s warranty and cause more problems than it’s worth.


The thermostat determines when to turn on the AC and for how long it will take to reach the desired temperature. If your air conditioner is running all day but never meets the settings, or it won’t run at all, the thermostat could be broken.

It may need new batteries, a simple cleaning, or changed settings. It could also be affected by sunlight hitting it. If addressing these issues doesn’t help, then you may need a new thermostat.


Your AC needs refrigerant in order to provide you with cool air. If you feel warm air blowing through the vents, examine your unit for a leak. You may notice small bubbles on the coils, smell a bad odor, or hear a hissing sound.

Call our technicians right away if you suspect a leak. This is not a DIY repair, as refrigerant is toxic. Once it’s fixed, make sure you schedule regular maintenance to prevent or catch early on this and other issues.


If you experience any of these common AC problems, we can resolve them. Contact our team for AC maintenance and repairs.