Many homeowners have heard of heat pumps. But, not every homeowner is clear about how they work, or if they’re right for their home. That’s where we come in. At Dufrene’s, we’re here to help. We offer free in-home estimates on new heat pumps.

In this blog, we’ll explore heat pump installation, and what factors might make a heat pump a good choice for your home here in Southern Louisiana.

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Unlike your typical air conditioner or furnace, heat pumps can keep your home comfortable in any season. That’s because they can reverse their operation, cooling your home in the summer and then heating it in the winter.

Here’s how this works: in the summer, the heat pump uses the same method as an air conditioner to cool your home. Both air conditioners and heat pumps use coolant to transfer heat energy from inside your home to the outside of your home. The heat energy is released outside, and then the chilled coolant is brought back in, where fans blow cold air throughout your home.

Here’s where a heat pump is different from an air conditioner, though. When the weather outside begins to cool, the heat pump can flip, reversing the order in which it does things. It pulls heat energy from the outside (even in cold air, there’s some ambient heat) and pumps it into your home, raising the temperature.


As we mentioned earlier, a heat pump can pull heat energy out of almost any temperature of air outside. However, heat pumps are generally at their most effective and most efficient in mild winter climates, where there’s more ambient heat energy around. For this reason, they’re a better fit for homes here in South Louisiana than for homes in Buffalo, New York.

That’s especially true because, for heat pumps, the cooling effectiveness is virtually unchanged from an air conditioner. This means you get the same summer relief with a heat pump that you would with a standard AC unit.


Because they don’t use fuel (either gas or electricity) to create heat in the winter like a furnace does, a heat pump can save homeowners money during the winter. In fact, that adds up to a 30-40 savings on your utility bill with the entire year taken into account.


Obviously, having to only purchase one system for year-round comfort is better than having to purchase two separate systems: one furnace and one air conditioner.

If you live here in South Louisiana, in our mild winter climate, you really only need a heat pump for heating in the winter. Paired with energy savings, this can mean upgrading to a new system is a huge value add.


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