Here are 4 signs you need heating repair this winter

You and your family rely on a properly running furnace to keep your home comfortable in the winter. But, what happens when your furnace isn’t running quite like it should? In this blog, we’ll review the most prominent signs you need heating repair this winter.

If you suspect that your furnace is on the verge of a breakdown, now’s the time to call your friends at Dufrene’s for 24/7 emergency heating repair here in South Louisiana. We’re ready to help!

Heating Tune Up4 signs you need heating repair

What should homeowners look for if they suspect their furnace is not running right? Here are 4 warning signs you need heating repair here in Lockport, LaPlace, and St. Rose, Louisiana.

#1. Escalating heating bills

If your heating bills are out-of-control this fall / winter and your usage hasn’t changed dramatically since last winter, it might be your furnace or thermostat.

A malfunctioning furnace can lead to higher-than-normal bills. A problem with your thermostat can cause your furnace to overheat your home and run constantly. In both cases, you should call the experts at Dufrene’s for heating repair.

#2. Spotty, inconsistent heating

If your kitchen is an oven but the adjacent living room is an icebox, your furnace may be having issues. Heating systems experiencing technical difficulties often have trouble heating a home consistently, which requires hot air to be pushed through ductwork at the right rate.

If the heat in your home is all over the place, it’s worth calling into Dufrene’s. We’ll help diagnose the cause of this problem.

#3. Strange noises

For the most part, a furnace that is working properly should be quiet—or at least consistent in what noises it does make. Loud pops, banging, or other noises coming from the system can indicate that something’s wrong.

For example, in a gas furnace, loud pops can be excess gas igniting. These small explosions, over time, can increase the wear-and-tear on the system—if not leading to a breakdown.

#4. Strange smells or other issues

Your furnace shouldn’t be emanating the smell of gas, burning, or smoke. If you smell any of these odors, you need to turn off the system immediately and call the team at Dufrene’s for 24/7 emergency service.

Of course, the greatest potential danger from a gas furnace is what you can’t smell: carbon monoxide. A cracked heat exchanger is a risk to emit carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless gas. This is an extreme safety risk, and it’s one of the big reasons we recommend that homes with a gas furnace also have carbon monoxide detectors installed.

Call Dufrene’s for 24/7 heating repair!

If you’re noticing these or any other signs that your furnace just isn’t heating your home like it should be, you need to call Dufrene’s for 24/7 emergency service from our NATE-certified techs. We’re ready to help!